Fire Sprinkler Protection in the Buffalo, NY & Erie, PA Region

Allied Fire Protection Systems, Inc. was formed in 1975 to install automatic fire protection sprinkler systems. We have grown to be a leader in the sprinkler industry and are now one of the front runners in the northeastern section of the United States. We install industrial, commercial and residential fire sprinkler systems primarily throughout western New York, Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. We have completed jobs in Georgia, Michigan, Indiana, Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Washington D.C., Illinois, and South Carolina.

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We firmly believe fire protection systems save lives and property.  

Our business is Protecting Life and Property from the ravages of fire. Nothing is more critical than a properly designed and installed fire protection system. Call (888-665-6517) or email Allied Fire Protection Systems, Inc. today to find out how you can recieve a FREE sprinkler inspection. 




  • Large Inventory
  • In House Fabrication
  • Installations
  • Special Hazard Protection
  • Specialized Services
  • Inspections

We are proud to use the following well known brands of products:

  • Reliable (sprinkler components)
  • Ward (cast iron fittings)
  • Kennedy (valves)
  • Victaulic (grooved products)
  • Wheatland Pipe (piping)
  • System Sensor (electrical components)
  • Patterson Pumps (fire pumps)