Safety First
Fire Sprinklers Syracuse, NY
Roger Hall
Safety Manager
At Allied Fire Protection Systems, safety is a priority. We are proud recipients of the NewCon Safety Award for 2014. Our Safety Manager, Roger Hall, recently presented an outline of our successful safety program at an Artex Risk Management Convention in Orlando Florida, which includes;
 AFPS Stretch and Flex Program, Employee Safety Orientation Program, OSHA training requirements for field and design employees, Mandatory safety inspections for all of our job sites, Accident investigation, return to work program, emergency action plan, internal audit program for fabrication shop safety, and site specific safety program, Defensive driving program, Vehicle inspection program which also includes a pre-delivery inspection of trucks, trailers, and all loads, Training videos for all areas of our safety program, Weekly toolbox talks and daily safety audits performed by Foremen, Zurich’s Safety Net Predictive Solutions software to aid in the process of site safety inspections and the tracking of employee trainings, incidents, and the overall safety of our employees. NewCon Strategic Planning Committee and Zurich led safety seminars, including topics such as mold prevention, slips trips and falls, and crystalline silica.
 For the second consecutive year, AFPS worked an entire year without a Worker’s Compensation claim.
 Most importantly…our employees are able to work safely and return to their families at the end of the day just as safe as they were before their work day began. 

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