MIC Testing

Why should I test for MIC?

Does your sprinkler system have signs of corrosion, pin-hole leaks, black water, or a rotten egg smell to it? If you are experiencing leaking pipes, excessive maintenance to your sprinkler system or have a rotten egg smell when a main drain test is conducted, the system may be subject to a condition known as MIC (Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion) and it may need IMMEDIATE attention. Signs of MIC corrosion have been detected in fire sprinkler systems all around the world. It is important to test the water in wet, dry and pre-action fire sprinkler systems to determine the potential risks associated with corrosion in carbon steel & galvanized piping systems. It is important to detect MIC at the earliest possible time to reduce future repair costs.

What is MIC?

MIC refers to corrosion that is influenced by the presence of 3 specific bacterium; Acid Producing Bacterium, Iron Related Bacterium and Sulfate Reducing Bacterium. MIC and Oxidative or General Corrosion can prevent a fire sprinkler system from operating as designed and installed.